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Tourist Films Tantalizing Formation at Loch Ness

A tourist from Ireland making his first visit to Loch Ness last week may have had some beginner's luck when it comes to spotting the infamous Nessie.

Tony Bligh was vacationing at the paranormal landmark last week when he noticed a number of odd shapes seemingly swimming across the water.

"It was quite long," he told the Inverness Courier, "the humps were consistently the same length apart. I don’t know what it was. It was very unusual."

Fortunately, Bligh managed to film the odd scene unfolding before him on his cell phone and showed the footage to excited staff at the Loch Ness visitors center.

But one Nessie researcher who has seen the footage believes that the humps are not actually a glimpse of the legendary creature.

Adrian Shine of the Loch Ness Project believes the disturbances in the water are merely a wake created by boat that Bligh said was about 400 yards away from the scene.

"It is a particularly good example of the effect that a reasonably high boat wake can make," he said to the newspaper, "it shows how powerful this illusion could be. It produces a line of very solid looking humps."

The explanation did not fully satisfy Bligh, although he conceded that it is the likeliest scenario for the strange formations in the water.

Nonetheless, Bligh still returned home with what will probably be the coolest vacation video among his coworkers this summer. That is, unless someone else finds a way to film Bigfoot while on holiday.

Source: The Inverness Courier

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