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Tourists Snap Photo of Nessie?

A pair of tourists from Australia had the ultimate Loch Ness experience when they seemingly spotted the legendary monster said to lurk there.

Peter Jackson and Phillippa Wearne were vacationing at the famed Scottish site last week when they noticed something odd in the water as they drove alongside the loch.

Thinking that they were possibly seeing the infamous Loch Ness Monster, they pulled over to the side of the road and quickly snapped some pictures of the anomaly.

According to Wearne, the weird oddity in the water was particularly large and appeared to be swimming at a fast rate alongside the current.

When the amazed duo showed the images to people at the bed and breakfast where they were staying as well as aboard a cruise on the loch that they later took, no one could identify what they had photographed.

Gary Campbell, who helms the Loch Ness Sighting Registry, says that the case is only the second appearance of Nessie to be accepted by the group for 2017.

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Source: Daily Mail


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