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Train Passenger Believes He Spotted Britain's Bigfoot

Train Passenger Believes He Spotted Britain's Bigfoot

A man in England is convinced that he briefly caught a glimpse of Bigfoot during a train ride through the country. The potential Sasquatch sighting was picked up by the British press this past week, but apparently took place back in November. According to the unnamed witness, he saw the creature when the train was only around 10 miles away from the city of Bristol, which is somewhat surprising in a sense that one might not expect Bigfoot to be so close to civilization.

In a report filed to a group known as British Bigfoot Sightings, the man recalled how he had been looking out the window of the train when he noticed a dark figure that appeared to be hunched over and walking in a field. He estimated that it was around 200 to 300 feet away from the train and made huge strides as it moved alongside a hedgerow that it seemed to be using for cover. Unfortunately, he did not capture any photo or video evidence of the sighting as the entire experience last only seconds and he was too captivated by the sight to think of grabbing a camera.

When he later saw people next to the hedges as the train traveled further along, the man realized that what he had witnessed was incredibly large compared to the humans. This as well as the odd way in which the creature walked and its presumed use of the hedge to hide left the man certain that he had seen something truly out of the ordinary. "I'm 100 percent sure what I saw was the English Bigfoot," he declared in the sighting report.

While it may be a bit frustrating that the witness was unable to produce any documentation from the remarkable event, at least the man saw the strangeness, which is more than can be said for the dozen or so people sharing the train with him. In a sign of the times, the man lamented that nobody else could confirm his sighting because all of the other passengers were too busy looking down, presumably at their cell phones, during the ride.

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