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Triangle Sighting

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Dr. Mark Olson of Sonara Sightings(1) writes:I have attached video footage of the triangular UFO that I videotapedwhile Art was on the air (in the background sound). On August 8, 2004the UFO appeared over Lyons Bald Mountain and flew over my head veryslowly, heading south. There was absolutely no sound. It was awesome.My brother came home just in time to witness and also videotape the UFO. Art was on the air talking about black triangles with callers while ABCwas filming for a documentary(2) (airing on Feb. 24th). Watch: Win | Real

1. http://www.sonorasightings.com/
2. http://abcnews.go.com/Primetime/story?id=468496&page=1


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