Trio of Towers Found on Mars?

The seemingly endless search for anomalies on Mars has produced yet another intriguing oddity: a trio of 'towers' standing tall on the surface of the Red Planet.

The puzzling find was discovered by Spanish anomaly hunter Jóse Luis Camacho Espina when he was studying NASA images of an area of Mars known as Terra Meridiani.

In a posting on his YouTube channel, Espina opines that the "peculiar" features of the three anomalies leads him to believe that they are artificial in nature.

To that end, he proposes that they are massive ancient buildings which somehow managed to withstand the ravages of time on Mars.

Skeptical observers are likely to say that the 'anomalies' are simply a series of natural formations on the surface of the Red Planet and not the remnants of a long lost Martian apartment complex.

Although Espina's presentation is in Spanish, the realm of Martian anomalies is really a universal language, so check out his video and decide for yourself.

Coast Insiders looking to learn more about the vast array of strange things spotted on Mars, check out author Mike Bara's 10/28/2013 appearance on the program.

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Source: UFO Sightings Daily

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