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Turkeys Thwart Mail Delivery in Ohio

Turkeys Thwart Mail Delivery in Ohio

While rain, snow, and the gloom of night may be no match for the postal service, mail carriers in an Ohio city say that wild turkeys are a different story.

A spate of incidents involving the infamously-invasive birds unnerving postal workers in the city of Rocky River has caused mail carriers to stop delivering to more than two dozen homes.

They explain that this is because the turkey encounters are becoming increasingly unsafe for them since they have no means of fending off the angry birds should they strike.

As such, for the last three weeks, the unfortunate residents who live in the proverbial 'turkey territory' of Rocky River can only get their mail if they go to the post office to pick it up.

The city's mayor believes that bird feeders are to blame for the turkeys now calling the community home.

And so, in an attempt to drive them away from the area, she is asking residents to stop providing such food for the birds.

Alas, however, there may be one fatal flaw in the mayor's plan: her request to homeowners was sent out this week ... in a letter.

Source: Cleveland.com

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