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Turkish City Troubled by Mysterious Girl Crying at Cemetery

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An eerie mystery has gripped a city in Turkey as an unidentified girl has been spotted crying in an old cemetery for the last five days.

The mystery girl, believed to be in her late teens, was first seen late last week in a graveyard in the Turkish city of Corum by bewildered workers who weren't quite sure what to make of the odd scene.

When the girl subsequently returned over the next four nights, word began to spread throughout the community that something weird was happening at the cemetery.

The strangeness caused such a stir that authorities left a note for the girl on one of the graves, telling her that they can provide her with help if she needs it.

However, the only answer they received was yet another visit to the graveyard the next night where the girl managed to elude police who were patrolling the site.

After that encounter, authorities took things a step further by cordoning off the cemetery in the hopes of catching the girl during her next visit.

In a testament to just how gripping this odd mystery has become to residents of Corum, the stakeout turned into something of a local sensation as around 300 residents showed up to see what might happen.

Alas, it would seem that all of the commotion at the cemetery kept the girl at bay, since there was no sign of her from the many witnesses on hand nor a series of cameras placed in the graveyard by police.

As one can imagine, the creepy nature of the case has led a number of people in the area to suggest that this is no ordinary girl and that, in fact, she is some kind of spirit visiting the cemetery at night.

However, a gravedigger who works at the site had a more skeptical take on the things, musing to the Dogan News Agency, "she is probably a drunk or a drug addict" and groused that the girl is giving the city "a bad name."

While his opinion may be shared by the authorities who have been unable to crack the case, given the excitement the girl has apparently provided to residents, we're guessing that they disagree with the gravedigger.

Source: Daily Sabah


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