Two Creatures Photographed at Loch Ness?

Although the legendary Nessie has allegedly been photographed many times in the past, a remarkable new image may actually capture two creatures swimming in Loch Ness!

Witness Ian Campbell says that he spotted the purported pair of Nessies when he stopped for a break while on a bike ride with his son.

They could not believe their eyes when they noticed two distinct anomalies suddenly appear on the water about 1,300 feet away.

In light of their location, the father and son speculated that they could be watching not only Nessie, but two of them!

Fortunately, Campbell was quick-witted enough to snap a picture of the potential creatures before they submerged again.

Despite only lasting a mere 30 seconds, the sighting left an indelible mark on Campbell, who is convinced that he saw two creatures in Loch Ness.

It goes without saying that skeptics will see merely a wave, a log, or some other prosaic explanation for Campbell's photograph.

And while they very well may be correct, Nessie fans see the image as a potential solution, of sorts, to a longstanding conundrum surrounding the creature.

One of the most difficult challenges facing the reality of Nessie is the question of how a breeding population of giant creatures could exist within Loch Ness.

However, Campbell's photo may indicate that there are, indeed, multiple mystery animals at the legendary site and that they can either reproduce or maneuver in and out of Loch Ness at will.

Should that be the case, it raises an altogether more vexing issue for cryptozoologists: what do you name the second Nessie?

Coast Insider looking to take a deep dive into the legend of the Loch Ness Monster can check out author Steve Alten discuss Nessie and other mysterious sea creatures on the 6/1/2016 edition of the program.

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Source: Daily Mail

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