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Two-Headed Snake Born in Australia

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By Tim Binnall

A worker from an Australian veterinary clinic got quite the surprise when he removed a snake from a home and the creature gave birth to a two-headed offspring in his car. The strange incident reportedly occurred last week in the community of Ardeer when Direct Pet Services dispatched an employee dubbed 'Stewy the Snake Catcher' to a residence for a removal and relocation call. The routine job of receiving the errant Tiger Snake took a weird turn when he arrived back at the clinic and looked in the bag that contained the captured creature.

Much to his surprise, Stewy saw that he now had not one, but ten snakes! It turns out that the reptile, which produces live offspring rather than eggs, had given birth during the drive back to the clinic. As if this turn of events were not weird enough, upon closer examination it was discovered that one of the snakes had two heads. Alas, unlike its fellow offspring, the wondrous creature was deemed to be not viable for release into the wild and was subsequently euthanized. The remaining creatures, however, were set free and are undoubtedly regaling their fellow forest dwellers with the remarkable tale of how they got there.



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