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UFO Appears in Facebook Live Video?

By Tim Binnall

A North Carolina man believes that he may have inadvertently filmed a UFO during a Facebook live video. Daniel Patterson recorded the footage in the town of Liberty back in January and it was recently highlighted by a local news station doing a feature on the UFO phenomenon and those who research it. According to him, the impromptu broadcast for his Facebook friends largely featured Patterson musing about the nature of the universe.

Much to his surprise, a friend watching the footage spotted something strange appear behind Patterson during the video and asked him if he noticed it. When he went back and viewed it for himself, he was astounded to see what appears to be some kind of glowing ball of light quickly zip through the sky over his head. The strange scene clearly left an impression on Patterson as he marveled that "it was a spiritual experience."

As to what the oddity may have been, Patterson was reticent to point the finger at aliens and, instead, offered a more nuanced response. "I believe it's a tech that's not privy to our knowledge," he posited, "and maybe something from history that's actually been kept a secret." Skeptics, of course, will argue that the 'UFO' is simply a reflection or some kind of recording error. What's your take on the anomalous interloper that appeared in Patterson's video? Share your theory at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.


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