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'UFO Landing' Reported to TX Cops

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A sheriff's department in Texas responded to a bizarre call over the weekend after residents reported seeing a UFO landing in a field.

According to a post on the Facebook page of the Collin County Sheriff's Office, they received a number of calls regarding an unidentified craft which sported multicolored lights.

Witnesses told police that the UFO appeared to come to a rest in a field located in the city of Princeton, leading to officers being dispatched to the scene to investigate.

In detailing the incident, the sheriff's office jokingly observed that the cops sent to the site were musing that "this could be the biggest scientific discovery ever."

However, their hopes were dashed when they arrived at the field and found that the 'UFO' was only a remote-controlled helicopter and not first contact with an ET race.

The police promptly picked up the would-be alien craft and are keeping it in storage until its owner steps forward to retrieve it.

Source: CBS Dallas / Fort Worth


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