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UK Girl Amazes Doctors Due to 'Bionic' Condition

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A seven year old girl in England has been called 'bionic' by doctors due to her unique medical condition that prevents her from feeling hunger, tiredness, and pain.

Olivia Farnsworth is believed to be the first person in the world to exhibit all three of these remarkable characteristics that are caused by a genetic disorder.

Farnsworth's mother first noticed her abilities when Olivia stopped napping as an infant, rarely slept at all, and never cried.

Amazingly, the little girl was once hit by a car and dragged down the road, but simply got up and walked away from the accident.

Doctors suspect her inability to feel pain kept the child's body from reacting in a way that would have rendered the accident far more devastating.

By sharing Olivia's incredible story, Farnsworth's mother hopes that people will have a greater understanding of the genetic disorders that has rendered her daughter 'unique' to the world but wholly normal to her friends and family.

Source: Express


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