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UK Man Says He Photographed Robin Hood's Ghost

A UFO investigator in the UK claims to have photographed a ghost that he believes may be the spirit of the legendary Robin Hood!

John Mooner says he took the picture in the English village of Cockington and was stunned to see what appears to be an apparition in the image.

According to Mooner, an examination of the anomaly seems to show a figure wearing a hat and wielding a sword.

Unfortunately, how exactly he concluded that the ghost was that of Robin Hood himself goes unexplained by Mooner.

Although skeptics will say that the 'spirit' is simply smoke, Mooner insists that cannot be the case.

"I was not smoking and there was not any smoke when the photograph was taken," he told the North Devon Journal, "it really is a peculiar manifestation."

Indeed it is peculiar, however it is also not the first time that Mooner has allegedly photographed something anomalous, having claimed to have captured an alien on film last October.

In fact, Mooner's ambiguous images have apparently caused some commotion in his local community as a different area newspaper noted that his claims have begun "making many people very angry."

Considering his penchant for generating publicity, it's unlikely that the backlash will deter Mooner, but he may want to consider investing in a better camera if he ever wants to silence his critics.

Source: North Devon Journal / Torquay Herald Express

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