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UK UFO Files Get Curious Release

UK UFO Files Get Curious Release

A tantalizing batch of UFO files curiously held back by the British government during prior releases of such material has finally been declassified.

However, as is often the case with the UFO enigma, the long-awaited dossier release was done in a rather curious fashion that is raising eyebrows among researchers.

The 18 file collection, said to be the last remaining UFO files held by the British government, has been the source of considerable speculation as many wondered what was contained in them that necessitated the documents being held back and why it was taking so long for them to be released.

And now, the answers can finally be revealed ... sort of.

Earlier this week, Britain's National Archives 'released' the files, but in a manner that makes it particularly difficult for anyone to see them.

Unlike previous file releases, these documents are not posted online and one must actually make an appointment with the archive and then travel to their office in London if they wish to examine them.

Fortunately, copies of the files can be obtained from the archive though that requires both a nominal fee as well as whatever time it takes for the documents to be prepared and sent through the mail.

So the files should be available to researchers sometime soon ... except for 3 sets which, somehow, were still held back in the release.

Those scant few that remain are purportedly going to be released later this year, although why they were not included in this document dump is unexplained.

Making matters all the more bewildering, the dossier release was made with no formal announcement nor press release and was, instead, simply done in a quiet fashion which suggests that the British government did not want to call attention to the event.

Some have speculated that this is because they are embarrassed at the previous attention that the collection received in the media, specifically that it was taking so long for the archives to release them.

Considering the amount of obfuscation leading up to the release as well as the odd manner in which it unfolded, it seems unlikely we'll get any answers from the archive about how they handled things.

As to what might be in the files, the general consensus among UFO researchers who are steeped in the UK scene is that there is nothing Earth-shattering contained in the documents.

But until someone journeys to London to take a look or their copies finally arrive in the mail, we won't know for sure.

Source: Express

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