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University in Turkey Adds Courses on UFOs and ET Contact

University in Turkey Adds Courses on UFOs and ET Contact

Students attending Turkey's Akdeniz University are being offered an interstellar option for their studies thanks to a series of newly-created courses covering the UFO phenomenon.

Titled 'UFOs & Exopolitics,' the classes are being taught by researchers Haktan Akdogan and Erhan Kolbasi, who helm a group known as the 'Sirius UFO Space Sciences Research Center.'

In speaking with a national newspaper in Turkey, Kolbasi predicted that ETs will make contact with Earth sometime in the next ten to fifteen years and, as such, it is important to prepare now for their impending arrival.

He mused that students who take the classes will be well equipped to deal with the "biggest change seen in the history of the world," which should hopefully persuade skeptical parents who might be expected to pay for the classes.

Among the topics said to be discussed in the courses are 'UFOs and science,' ancient aliens, abductions, and even the crop circle phenomenon.

Other areas of study include the history of the UFO cover-up, exopolitics, and 'Preparation for Open Contact,' which is presumably the final course for advanced students who excel in the program.

Indicating the kind of insights that will be imparted to the students, Kolbasi told the newspaper that a vast array of modern technological wonders were actually acquired via crashed ET craft, but their origins were hidden by the infamous cabal known as MJ-12.

Whether the courses prove to be popular with students in Turkey remains to be seen, but anyone who does pursue UFO studies at the university may want to add a minor in something a bit more useful in case the ETs take longer than 15 years to get here.

Source: Hurriyet Daily News

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