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UNM Bigfoot Imbroglio Spawns Bill Backing Bizarre Ban

Following revelations that a University of New Mexico administrator had used taxpayer money to hunt for Bigfoot, lawmakers in the state have proposed a strange piece of legislation that would put an end to such expeditions.

Dr. Christopher Dyer found himself at the center of a national media firestorm this past autumn when an Albuquerque TV station reported that the executive director of UNM Gallup had used school funds to search for Bigfoot.

Despite being rebuked by both the president of UNM and politicians in New Mexico, Dyer defended his decision to use the university's discretionary funds for his Sasquatch search.

"People use monies from the taxpayers to do research. For Bigfoot or whatever," the beleaguered administrator unconvincingly told KRQE at the time.

However, Dyers' days of chasing cryptids and having UNM foot the bill may soon be coming to an end, thanks to one of his harshest critics.

State Senator George Munoz, who mocked Dyer when the news broke last autumn, is no longer laughing and has introduced a bill to ban using state funds on projects aimed at "looking for or catching a fictitious creature."

Clearly skeptical that the legendary Bigfoot exists, Munoz added insult to injury by including Pokémon, leprechauns and Boogeyman from also being the target of taxpayer funded searches.

Lest one thinks that Dyer could perhaps find a loophole in the law by using one of Bigfoot's known aliases, Munoz made sure to also mention sasquatch, yeti, and abominable snowman among the banned creatures.

Considering that Dyer was caught charging the state $140 for seven pairs of snowshoes to be used on a Bigfoot expedition, one can understand Munoz's consternation over the odd use of funds.

That said, the politician may be tempting fate by also taunting leprechauns with his proposed legislation, nevermind poking fun at the Boogeyman.

Source: KQRE

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