Vacant NJ School Occupied by Ghosts?

Ghosts at an old school in South New Jersey didn't haunt the students. Rather, they reportedly began their spectral appearances after the facility was closed in 2004. "It’s not haunted in a bad way. They’re good ghosts," maintenance worker Art Walshe (featured in the above video) recently told the Philadelphia Inquirer. His sightings began in 2006 when he was working alone at the Elizabeth V. Edwards School, which had fallen into disrepair. Curiously, the main ghost is thought to be the school's founder and namesake who died in 1965 at age 90.

Walshe saw an apparition of Miss Edwards, who just seemed to be quietly observing him. He also heard unexplained creaking sounds and 1940s music, saw doors moving on their own, and smelled cigarettes and coffee. One of the spookiest experiences was when an unplugged rotary phone in the principal's office began ringing. Perhaps a spam call?-- from the dead!

In 2014, the Ghost Hunters TV team investigated the school and were overcome by the smell of chocolate that seemed to come from nowhere. Watch their reactions in the clip below.


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