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Vancouver's Legendary 'Lady in Red' Ghost Photographed?

An elevator mechanic in Vancouver may have inadvertently photographed one of the city's most famous ghosts: the legendary 'Lady in Red.'

Scott Graham was working at a neighboring building last week when he snapped a photo of the historic Hotel Vancouver with his cell phone.

When he later looked at the photo, Graham noticed something amiss about the image as there appears to be a distinct red 'presence' lurking in one of the hotel's top floor windows.

Some suspect that the mechanic may have captured a glimpse of an infamous ghost dubbed the 'Lady in Red' who is said to haunt the Hotel Vancouver and has been seen on multiple occasions by guests and staff.

A subsequent investigation by the Vancouver Sun found that the area where the anomaly appears is actually closed to the public at this time due to maintenance, meaning that it is unlikely that the 'apparition' was simply a hotel guest wearing red.

For his part, Graham is skeptical that the oddity is the actual 'Lady in Red' as the self-described skeptic told the newspaper that "it's probably just some person wearing a red shirt that’s somewhere where they're not supposed to be."

Then again, perhaps the same could be said of the spirit some believe still lingers atop the Vancouver Hotel.

Source: Vancouver Sun

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