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Vandals Attack Zombie Nativity

The controversial Nativity scene in Cincinnati that features zombies in the place of religious figures was struck by vandals the day after making its triumphant return for the 2016 holiday season.

Homeowner and creator of the zombie Nativity scene, Jasen Dixon says that some nefarious ne'er-do-wells attacked the unorthodox display sometime Monday evening.

According to him, the anti-zombie grinches knocked over statues at the site and left his yard strewn with pieces of the polarizing nativity scene.

Fortunately, the damage was not too extensive and the display was repaired soon after the vandalism was discovered.

This year's woes follow a lengthy legal battle which erupted last December when Dixon's town hit him with 27 misdemeanor charges for the Nativity scene.

Although he ultimately emerged unscathed, it seems that critics of the display decided to take matters into their own hands this year via the vandalism.

Whether it was an opening salvo in a war on zombie Christmas or an isolated incident remains to be seen, but Dixon and his friends were resolute that it will stand tall this holiday season.

Ironically, Dixon had originally considered not erecting the scene this year, but opted to go for three years in a row after receiving numerous requests from fans of the odd display.

As such, Monday's attack may backfire on those who loathe the display, since it will probably only encourage Dixon to raise the zombie Nativity scene from the dead next winter as well.

Source: WLWT Cincinnati

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