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Vandals Destroy Ancient Rock Formation

Vandals Destroy Ancient Rock Formation

A group of ne'er-do-wells in England are being sought by police after they tipped over a rock formation that had been in place since the Ice Age. Located in North Yorkshire, the Brimham Rocks are a popular tourist attraction that pre-date the dinosaurs and have survived all manner of inclement weather for millions of years. However, the breathtaking and rather sizeable pieces of sandstone were no match for a human element known for its destructive nature: troublemaking teens.

According to an appeal for information by authorities in North Yorkshire say that a group of five young people were spotted pushing on one of rocks at the site earlier this month. Their intentional jostling of the rock led to it tumbling over a cliff, damaging other rocks at the site, and subsequently smashing to pieces when it ultimately landed on the ground. Police aptly described the damaged rock as "irreplaceable" and noted that the miscreants put themselves as well as others in danger with their misguided antics.

It's uncertain what penalties the perpetrators will face if they are caught, but considering the cherished nature of the rocks, we're guessing it will be a pretty stiff punishment. Unfortunately, the individuals behind the incident are not the first of their kind when it comes to causing damage at sites featuring beloved glimpse of the ancient world. An eerily similar fate befell a formation in Oregon back in the fall of 2016 and, late last year, vandals were blamed for the destruction of a dinosaur footprint at a national park in Australia.

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