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Video: 3D Model Made from Shroud of Turin Image

A research team in Italy has constructed a three-dimensional model of the body depicted on the Shroud of Turin that many believe to be Jesus Christ.

The leader of the project, professor Giulio Fanti, has spent twenty years studying the controversial cloth and described the newly-unveiled 3D statue as a culmination of that work.

Conceding that science cannot confirm the identity on the person featured on the cloth, the professor nonetheless noted to CBN News that "the perfect correspondence of the Gospels and of the Bible in general with the Shroud" convinced him that it is Jesus.

Specifically, he pointed to the crown of thorns which appears to be atop the head of the person on the Shroud, which Fanti argues is proof that the man was, in fact, Jesus.

As for the sculpture itself, he declared that, for the first time, "we believe that we have the precise image of what Jesus looked like on this earth."

Based on his research and the reconstruction of the body using 3D technology, Fanti speculated that Jesus suffered at least 600 blows during the crucifixion and suffered a dislocated shoulder during the ordeal.

Source: CBN News

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