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Video: 5 Baffling & Bizarre 'Mystery Phone Calls'

In the annals of history, there are a handful of strange incidents which featured a mysterious phone call that made an already odd event even more unsettling.

YouTube user Dark5 has put together a video detailing five cases which feature these unexplained or seemingly impossible phone calls.

One particularly eerie phone call was received by an operator in Oxnard, California on the infamous date of November 22, 1963.

The mystery caller warned the operator that President Kennedy was going to be killed that day and that "the government is going up in flames."

Even more chilling is that the person knew the precise time that JFK would die and their prognostication was actually correct.

Conspiracy researchers note that the caller first said that Kennedy would die at 10:10 AM, but then corrected it to 10:30 AM.

This is a key detail since JFK would have been in Dealey Plaza at the first time which the caller stated, but his car was delayed for twenty minutes, thus the apparent need for an amended prediction.

The remarkable insight into the timeframe of Kennedy's travels in Dallas suggest this was someone with considerable advanced knowledge of the assassination, but the caller was never identified.

Another story featured in the video include a chilling case from 2008 where a man was killed in a train collision.

One of the last bodies pulled from the wreckage, it was determined that the man had died instantly in the crash and his cell phone destroyed in the chaos.

However, in the time between the crash and the discovery of his body, the man's family received numerous calls from him that featured only silence and came from the destroyed cell phone which had yet to be found.

Other cases included in the collection feature a potential victim of the Zodiac killer and a mysterious call from a vanished sailor months after he had disappeared.

Check out the complete collection for some truly unsettling and puzzling cases of mystery phone calls.

Coast Insiders interested in the strange phenomenon of phone calls from the dead can check out researcher Cal Cooper's 5/7/2012 appearance on the program.

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