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Video: 5 Baffling Medical Mysteries

While television may make it seem like it takes only an hour to solve a medical mystery, there are some puzzling conditions which remain 'to be continued.'

YouTube user Top5s has created an enlightening showcase of five strange and unusual ailments that have left the world of medicine scratching their heads.

Perhaps the most fantastic of them all, since it conjures an array of questions about the nature of the universe, is the phenomenon of personality traits inherited by people who receive organ transplants.

A staple of sci fi films and tabloid newspapers, the bizarre scenario has purportedly taken place numerous times in ways both positive and negative for the organ recipient.

One man allegedly transformed himself from a couch potato to a champion runner after receiving the heart of a stunt man that had passed away.

On the other hand, there is the eerie tale of a man from Georgia who also had heart transplant but his operation seemingly produced tragic results.

In an unsettling 'coincidence,' he subsequently committed suicide in the same manner as the person who had provided him with his heart.

These are but two of an extraordinary number of people who have experienced the phenomenon, leading researchers to attempt to understand why it happens.

However, the best guess by experts is that somehow memories are contained within the cells of the organs and carry over to the new body following surgery.

As one can surmise, this theory is quite controversial and there have been other studies that say the entire phenomenon doesn't exist despite the many strange tales which seem to indicate it does.

Among the other intriguing ailments covered in the collection are the bizarre 'dancing plague' of 1518 and the infamous Gulf War syndrome of modern times.

Source: Top5s on YouTube


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