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Video: 5 Creepy Toy Stories

Children's toys may be meant for mirth and merriment, but there are a handful of instances where they turned truly nightmarish. YouTube user Top5s has produced a collection featuring five unsettling stories of toys gone bad. Once creepy case covered in the video is the unnerving account of an eerie haunted doll that began 'misbehaving' after its owner died. There's also a heartbreaking story of a young boy losing his life due to a freak accident involving a later-recalled 'Battlestar Galactica' spaceship.

Easily the most bizarre case detailed in the video is that of a 'magic wand' purchased at a dollar store in Ohio by a mother for her young daughter back in 2014. The princess-themed toy, which sported a large flower shaped top with a foil covering, was presumably meant to function as some kind of mirror. However, the wand's rather flimsy construction revealed a truly haunting surprise when the mom got home.

Seeing that the foil could be peeled off, the curious woman did just that and discovered an image of what could only be described as a demonic girl in the process of cutting her wrists. The aghast mom alerted the media about the bizarre toy and, fortunately, it was later learned that the image was from a macabre photo shoot featuring a French model. Why it was on the toy in the first place is anyone's guess, although the actual name given to the magic wand by its manufacturer by provide a clue: 'Evilstick.'

Did you had any nightmarish experiences with toys while growing up? Share your chilling tale with us at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

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