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Video: 5 Deaths Possibly Caused by the Paranormal

Over the years, the paranormal has proven to be fairly harmless for those who pursue it, but there are a handful of cases where high strangeness may have played a hand in someone's demise.

YouTube user Top5s has compiled a compelling collection of five untimely deaths which appear to have been caused by something paranormal.

Perhaps the most unsettling incident featured in the video is the story of music producer Christopher Case, who died in 1991.

While on a business trip to San Francisco, Case befriended a woman who claimed that she had a collection of ancient Egyptian music.

When Case met her to discuss the rare material, the woman expressed romantic interest in him, but he rebuffed her advances.

Upset by the unrequited feelings, the woman claimed that she was a witch and that Case was now hexed by her.

Upon his return to Seattle, he shared the strange anecdote with a friend but otherwise seemed unaffected by the incident.

However as time went on, Case began to get increasingly paranoid and frightened, his friends say, and complained of being mentally attacked while sleeping and waking up with small cuts on his fingers.

His descent into madness culminated with Case being found dead of an alleged heart attack in his bathtub.

Police responding to a welfare check found a myriad of odd items in his apartment which suggest how deeply the hex had taken hold in his mind.

Among the objects were numerous burned out candles, crucifixes, lines of salt to ward off evil spirits, and books on how to overcome a curse.

Whether Christopher Case was the victim of a curse or simply worried himself to death remains a matter of conjecture, but his demise should be enough to make you think twice in the event that someone puts a hex on you.

Other cases included in the segment include a purportedly haunted grave said to have claimed the lives of numerous unfortunate individuals who encountered it, a family that mysteriously vanished in Oklahoma, and a potential human mutilation case in Brazil.

So if you're feeling brave, check out the complete video to learn about some unfortunate individuals who just may have gotten too close to the unexplained and paid the ultimate price.

Source: YouTube


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