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Video: 5 Disappearance Cases with Security Footage

By their very nature, disappearance cases are confounding for law enforcement and when security camera footage becomes available it sometimes only furthers the mystery.

YouTube user Top 5s has compiled five vanishing cases where such footage provided a mystifying glimpse of the circumstances surrounding the event, but seemingly raised more questions than answers.

Perhaps the most bewildering disappearance featured in the video is that of a young German man named Lars Mittank who vanished while vacationing in Bulgaria in 2014.

The bizarre story begins with Mittank getting into a fight with fans of a rival football club and receiving a broken eardrum in the scuffle.

Told by doctors that he could not fly home yet due to the injury, Mittank bid his friends farewell and opted to stay at a hotel until he could safely make the trip.

However it appears that his troubles had only just begun as he left a series of increasingly strange messages for his mother.

Among the odd insights were that he was feeling threatened and was being followed by a group of strangers.

Mittank also asked his mother to cancel his credit cards and sent her a text wondering about the medication he'd been prescribed for his ear injury.

The next day, he ventured to the airport in hopes of going home and his actions there produced a truly baffling piece of video footage.

After going into the airport doctor's office with his luggage, ostensibly in the hopes of being cleared to depart, Mittank is seen sprinting out of the building in a panic, leaving his bags behind.

Witnesses reported that he then dashed into a field, jumped a fence, and vanished into a nearby forest never to be seen again.

No one is certain whether Mittank's suspicions were rooted in reality or simply paranoia brought up by a psychotic episode, but it appears that they were what caused the young man to flee the airport and seemingly vanish into thin air.

Other cases in the list include disappearances where the potential perpetrator makes a tantalizing appearance in security camera footage but not clearly enough to be identified and heartbreaking video which may show the victims moments before they vanish.

Coast Insiders looking for more mysterious disappearances can check out the many appearances on the program by author and investigator David Paulides, who had documented a myriad of bizarre vanishing cases.

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