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Video: 5 Tantalizing Tales of Interdimensional Travelers

By Tim Binnall

The prospect that there are multiple dimensions co-existing on our planet has served as the basis for some fantastic fiction over the years, but there are a few confounding cases which suggest that the idea may actually be rooted in reality. The YouTube channel Top5s has put together a riveting collection of stories surrounding people who claim to have inadvertently traveled to a parallel world and either came back to tell their stunning tale or, chillingly, were never seen again.

Perhaps the most intriguing account featured in the video is that of a man using the pseudonym 'James Richards,' who claims to have been taken to another dimension and, amazingly, brought back what he contends to be proof of this other world. His strange story allegedly took place in 2009 when he was driving home and he stopped in a remote spot to give his dog a bathroom break during the trip. The feisty animal took off running after a rabbit in a field and Richards wound up being accidentally knocked out after stumbling while chasing after the dog.

He eventually woke up and discovered that he had been brought into a home that sported an odd machine that belonged to an even more mysterious stranger who called himself Jonah. The man explained to Richards that the device allowed him to travel to different dimensions and that, during his most recent journey, he found the unconscious man and decided to help him by bringing him back to his house in the alternate world. While talking about the similarities and differences between their respective realities, Richards learned that, in Jonah's dimension, the Beatles had stayed together as a band.

According to Richards, he waited for a moment when Jonah wasn't looking and proceeded to pocket one of the Beatles albums which purportedly only existed in this other dimension. After being brought back to our world, the astounded man subsequently shared his story online and included the 'unreleased' album which is titled 'Everyday Chemistry.' As one can imagine the music sparked considerable debate among fans of the iconic group, since it sounded like a proverbial mash-up of various parts of the Fab Four's later solo projects. This led to two schools of thought: either the album was a remarkably well-crafted hoax or it was genuine and the musical styles of the individual members remained intact in the alternate world when the band remaining together.

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