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Video: 5 Unsettling Forest Discoveries

In and of themselves, forests are already something of a creepy setting, since they are decidedly a realm of nature rather than a place where people dwell. And while, by and large, one is more apt to have a peaceful experience visiting these locations, despite being outsiders to the area, there are some instances where individuals have stumbled upon or spotted something truly unnerving. YouTube user Top5s has crafted a compelling video package which recounts cases befitting of the eerie reputation often bestowed upon forests in fairy tales.

One such story featured in the collection could be described as pure 'nightmare fuel.' It concerns a hiker on Long Island who was aghast to discover more than a dozen actual 'missing person' posters nailed to the trees in a patch of woods. After subsequently spotting a shovel and a blanket, the terrified man became convinced that he had unwittingly entered the domain of a serial killer or other disturbed individual. According to local authorities, an investigation ultimately led police to learn that the strangeness at the site was simply decorations for an upcoming Halloween party. While not quite as disturbing as the hiker's hypothesis, one does have to wonder who would conceive of such a display in the first place.

A similarly eerie story from the video centers around a horror movie cliché come to life: a creepy cabin in the woods. This particular shack was found deep in a redwood forest in Arcata, California and was both remarkably well-constructed as well as stocked with a variety of items suggesting that someone had been living a pretty good life in the clandestine cabin. Astounded authorities left an eviction notice on the door and, upon returning to the site weeks later, they were even more amazed as the cabin and everything it contained had completely vanished. The only thing left behind was a symbol associated with squatters and several investigators scratching their heads.

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