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Video: 911 Caller Encounters Time Traveler?

A strange piece of footage circulating online purportedly features a 911 call regarding a home invasion which takes a rather fantastic turn that possibly involves a time traveler! Posted online by the YouTube channel Apex TV, the video features audio allegedly recorded by one of the emergency dispatchers who were privy to the call and felt compelled to share it with the world. As is often the case with time traveler videos, specific details surrounding the story are scant with the location of the call and the principal witnesses' identities redacted.

Nonetheless, the 11-minute-long conversation between the 911 dispatcher and a frightened woman who suspects that someone has broken into her house is pretty riveting. The beginning of the call largely plays out as one might expect such a scenario to unfold as the woman, named Cathy, explains that she heard glass break in her downstairs bathroom. Claiming to be in her locked bedroom upstairs, Cathy begins to second guess her concerns and, despite the pleas of the 911 dispatcher, decides to investigate the situation herself rather than wait for police to arrive.

Things seem to be settle down when Cathy enters the bathroom and sees that the mirror had fallen off of the wall while the window is fine. And then, suddenly, the situation gets strange as she begins hyperventilating. Cathy finally manages to compose herself enough to tell the dispatcher that there is a man with bloody ears seemingly passed out in her bathtub. The drama increases when she lets out a chilling, "wait, wait, John?" and begins reciting the Lord's Prayer.

Thoroughly confused by the call by now, the baffled dispatcher asks Cathy who John is and how she knows him. She then reveals that the man appears to be her husband, but that he looks like a much younger version of John from when they first met. And, adding one last bizarre twist to the call, he just so happened to have died in 2001!

The call concludes with police arriving on the scene, trying to figure out what they've stumbled upon, and the recording abruptly ends. According to the man who submitted the video, authorities eventually apprehended the man. And, the dispatcher claimed, the entire case was quickly taken over by FBI agents, leaving him in the dark about how things developed from there.

Skeptical viewers have dismissed the call as simply nothing more than a proverbial radio drama complete with subpar acting on the part of the participants. Others have theorized that the man in the bathtub really was John and, despite dying seventeen years ago, he had somehow traveled through time to arrive in his wife's home.

While that would a truly amazing story, we're a bit dubious about it, since the circumstances which would make that possible sound incredibly convoluted. That said, given the preponderance and popularity of 'time traveler' videos this year, don't be surprised if a proverbial sequel to this story appears at some point in the next few weeks or months that attempts to explain it all. What's your take on the weird video? Let us know at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.


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