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Video: Airline Passenger Films UFO

By Tim Binnall

An airliner passenger admiring the view from her window seat could not believe her eyes when she caught sight of a curious object in the sky that resembled a classic flying saucer. The strange sighting reportedly occurred back on August 20th at around 11:30 AM shortly after witness Mariah Lyn's flight had taken off from Philadelphia. While trying to take some cool aerial footage with her phone, she noticed a fast-moving silver object streaking across the sky and subsequently posted the puzzling footage to YouTube this week.

As is often the case, UFO enthusiasts have hailed the footage as a fascinating possible glimpse of an alien craft. However, not everyone is convinced as skeptics note that, given the sighting's close proximity to a major airport, the oddity may have simply been another airliner coming in for a landing. To her credit, Lyn has attempted to solve the case by examining online flight records which do seem to suggest the airplane theory could have merit. With that in mind, what's your take on the weird video? Share your theory with us at the C2C Facebook page.

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