Video: Amazing 'Bubble House' for Sale in Australia

By Tim Binnall

An incredible and truly one-of-a-kind home comprised of a series of connecting domes has gone on the market in Australia. Known as the 'Bubble House,' the residence in the community of Karalee was designed by Graham Birchall back in the 1980s as part of his graduate thesis in architecture. He and his wife Sharon spent the next thirty years building the unique home which consists of eleven domes ranging from 13 to 26 feet in diameter.

Described as "an ode to strength, beauty and the simplicity of the humble circle," the approximately 11,000-square foot residence boasts twenty rooms, including a sports bar, two libraries, and even a cathedral room. After three decades of living in the home, Birchall and his wife have reportedly decided to move on from the 'Bubble House,' which hit the market in Australia earlier this week. The response to the listing, realtor Helene Shephard says, has been overwhelming.

Since the home is a private residence, many people living in the area have long speculated as to what the inside of the house looks like and, as such, have been phoning her in the hopes of getting a tour. Alas, such a scenario is not in the cards as Shephard is only allowing serious buyers to make on-site visits to the Bubble House. However, a video showcasing the property (seen above) provides a glimpse of the fantastic interior of the home which lives up to its futuristic exterior appearance.

As for the asking price for the stunning property, Shephard says that they have not listed a price for the home and are, instead, listening to offers from interested parties. "Graham and his family are looking for the right buyer who will appreciate everything they are gifting on," she explained, "it will be somebody who wants to live in an environment that stimulates them and is creative." That said, based on the price of surrounding properties, which are relatively normal compared to the Bubble House, the home is expected to fetch at least $1 million, if not considerably more based on its distinct design.

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