Video: American Flag Destroyed by Bigfoot?

By Tim Binnall

A Bigfoot researcher in Nebraska believes that the famed cryptid may have been behind a mysterious incident in which an American flag at a cemetery wound up inexplicably destroyed. According to a local media report, the tattered and twisted Old Glory was discovered over Memorial Day weekend in a graveyard located in the community of Garrison. Since that time, residents have theorized that the destruction of the flag was either the work of thoughtless vandals or perhaps due to some kind of weather event. However, a recent examination of the sullied Stars and Stripes by a local Sasquatch researcher has given rise to a new suspect: Bigfoot.

Harriet McFeely, who owns the Bigfoot Crossroads of America Museum in the nearby community of Hastings, was recently granted access to the flag and pointed out a number of areas where the damage appeared to indicate that Sasquatch was to blame. In a video of her study of the shredded cloth (seen above), she notes a number of areas where the torn pieces appeared to be purposely bound by way of dexterous hands. She argued that those loops and knots are similar to cases where it is believed that Bigfoot had braided the manes of horses.

Pressed by an incredulous resident for an explanation of how a massive creature such as the Bigfoot could have pulled off such elaborate handiwork in light of its enormous size, McFeely posited that "they have kids" who possess far smaller fingers than their older counterparts. She also observed that learned behavior in childhood, such as braiding, can be continued by a practitioner well into adulthood, regardless of how big they grow, once they have mastered the skill. McFeely's analysis of the flag was apparently persuasive enough to the cemetery that they have decided to donate it to her museum for display as a possible piece of Sasquatch evidence.

While some may be dismayed to learn that Bigfoot could have been behind the desecration of the American flag in light of the creature's status as this country's most beloved cryptid, ascribing some kind of political message to the act would almost certainly be in error as it is highly unlikely that Sasquatch understands the symbolism associated with Old Glory. Were Bigfoot made aware of the importance of the flag, we'd like to believe that, like all patriotic Americans, the creature would treat it with the reverence it deserves. With all that said, what's your take on the curiously damaged flag? Could it have been torn and twisted by Sasquatch? Share your thoughts on this wild story at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

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