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Video: Another Big Cat Spotted in Britain

By Tim Binnall

For the fifth time in the last two weeks, another big cat sighting has occurred in Britain. This particular encounter reportedly took place as Anthony Dickinson and his family were en route to a holiday cottage in North Devon. As they drove up a hill, the group were stunned to suddenly see a sizeable-looking black cat appear at the crest of the road.

In a video of the puzzling run-in with the creature, a number of passengers in the car can be heard wondering what they were seeing in the road ahead of them. One of the witnesses jokingly declares that it is the 'Beast of Bodmin,' one of the more notorious big cats said to lurk in England. This seems to have set off something of a debate in the car as Anthony marvels that "it's massive," while a more skeptical member of the family dismisses the animal as merely a cat and another concedes that she thought that it was a dog due to its size.

Unfortunately, their attempt to speed up and reach the creature to get a better look at it appeared to backfire as the presumably rattled cat quickly takes off into some nearby tall grass. Anthony, who bravely got out to look for the beast, observed that the animal had been about as tall as the vegetation which came up to around his waist, suggesting that the animal was, indeed, quite enormous. The Dickinson family's sighting extends what has been an intriguing series of strange sightings in England which began earlier this month and now, remarkably, stands at five with more likely to come as the big cat flap continues to unfold.

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