Video: Bigfoot Bandits Strike Again, Swipe Sasquatch Statue in Nebraska

By Tim Binnall

A family in Nebraska are the latest victims of Bigfoot banditry as a rather sizeable Sasquatch statue stationed in front of their home was mysteriously swiped by sticky-fingered ne'er-do-wells. According to a local media report, the caper occurred in the community of Norfolk, where the Buol family had proudly displayed a five-foot-tall statue of the famed cryptid outside their residence complete with a pair of spotlights to showcase the faux creature at night. However, their celebration of the cryptid came to an untimely end earlier this month when patriarch Terry noticed that the statue had vanished. "I just happened to look over there," he recalled, "and it was gone."

All that remained where the Bigfoot once stood was a lonely-looking slab of stone and the lights which once illuminated the statue to the delight of drivers passing by the Buol residence. Dubbed 'Darryl' after the creature featured in the Progressive insurance commercials, the piece is believed to weigh somewhere between 400 and 500 pounds. As for how such a large object could have been stolen, it would appear that the thieves left behind a clue in the form of fresh tire tracks found near the spot where the statue had been located. Although the Buols reported the theft to the Nebraska State Patrol, they are also hoping the perhaps the public can help locate Darryl or, failing that, the individuals who stole the piece will have a change of heart and return it.

"It'd be kind of fun if he just appeared back," Judy Buol mused, "and people would just leave him be." it While remains to be seen whether or not such an optimistic scenario will come to pass, for now the community has rallied around the family, sharing their Facebook post about the theft hundreds of times and residents have pledged to keep an eye out for the piece during their travels. A segment about the crime on a local TV station undoubtedly raised even more awareness of Darryl's plight, which will likely give the perpetrators of the heist pause since the proverbial heat has been turned up considerably. In previous cases of Bigfoot banditry, this tactic has proven to be fairly successful, so hopefully all of the attention afforded to the stolen statue will lead to it being returned.

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