Video: Bigfoot Hunter Receives Apology from 'Real Housewives' Star

Stephanie makes Kary apologize

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Posted by Real Housewives of Dallas on Monday, April 12, 2021

By Tim Binnall

In an odd update to an already strange story, a Bigfoot hunter who was lambasted by one of the stars of the reality TV show "Real Housewives of Dallas" wound up returning to the program, where he received an apology for being subjected to the uncomfortable outburst. Oklahoma Sasquatch enthusiast Charles Benton's brush with basic cable fame began earlier this month when he appeared on the wildly popular Bravo series to lead the ladies on a hunt for the famed cryptid. In the process, he waxed poetic about his love of hunting, which drew the alcohol-infused ire of star Kary Brittingham, who proceeded to berate the Bigfoot hunter to the horror of her fellow housewives as well as fans on social media, who were aghast at her behavior.

Initially, it appeared that the brouhaha with the Bigfoot hunter was merely a passing moment that would be quickly forgotten when some other drama inevitably unfolded among the ladies in the future. However, to the surprise of viewers watching this week's installment of the program, the story had a second chapter as star Stephanie Hollman brought Benton back to the show and brokered an unlikely peace between the Sasquatch enthusiast and her fellow housewife. To Brittingham's credit, when she came face to face with the cherubic Bigfoot hunter yet again, she offered an apology for her antics. As the reality show star explained to Benton, she had been particularly hurt when he refused to give her one of his machetes during their Bigfoot hunt.

However, in his defense, he had just been castigated by the intoxicated housewife, so one can understand why he would be reticent to provide her with a weapon shortly thereafter. Brittingham also mused about how she hates for animals to suffer, but the other ladies quickly noted that she has no problem eating meat and, as such, rolled their eyes at the lackluster apology. Nonetheless, the good-natured Benton accepted the mea culpa and made peace with Brittingham, bringing the very weird feud to an end. While this was probably the last we'll see of the Bigfoot hunter on the show, we'll hold out hope for some kind of spin-off wherein the Sasquatch enthusiast teams up with the self-described feisty housewife to travel the country in search of cryptids.

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