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Video: 'Binary Bandits' Baffle Philly Neighborhood

A strange mystery has befallen a neighborhood in Philadelphia as thieves are stealing the numbers off of houses, but only digits '1' and '0.'

Dubbed the 'Binary Bandits,' the number-obsessed ne'er-do-wells have hit a dozen or more homes in the Philly neighborhood of Kensington.

Police and residents find themselves baffled by the bizarre crime spree with some theorizing that the 'work' of the Binary Bandits involves an art project, although we're more apt to believe that they are a math club gone rogue.

Thankfully the case may not be a mystery for much longer as security cameras at multiple homes have captured footage of the thieves at work.

In one such remarkable clip, a young woman brazenly walks up to the front door of a home at around 1:30 AM and persistently tugs on the number zero until she managed to rip it from the facade.

Police are on the lookout for the thieves and, with their faces plastered across the media in the last few days, one suspects that their lawless days are numbered.

Although this particular phenomenon may seem mundane compared to phantom clowns or a maddening hum, try ordering a pizza without house numbers and see how that works out for you.

Source: Oddity Central

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