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Video: Bizarre Bigfoot Encounter Reported in New York's Hudson Valley

By Tim Binnall

In a strange case out of New York's Hudson Valley region, a woman claims to have had an unsettling encounter with an aggressive Bigfoot. According to a local television station, the strange incident occurred earlier this month in the community of Hyde Park and was subsequently reported to area Sasquatch researcher Gayle Beatty. The unnamed witness, she said, recounted spotting a "huge creature" that appeared to be between six and seven feet tall.

Undoubtedly already taken aback by what she was seeing, Beatty explained that the woman's experience took a troubling turn when the mysterious beast "came running towards her. The bushes were parting and she heard these heavy footsteps." Incredibly, the Bigfoot researcher said, when the creature reached the witness, it "jumped up in the tree above her," causing branches and leaves to rain down upon her.

The potential Bigfoot, Beatty recalled being told by the witness, then proceeded to leap from tree to tree above their head. Although she did not indicate how the encounter came to an end, the Sasquatch researcher said that the woman understandably described the entire affair as "terrifying." Unfortunately, it would seem that the woman did not obtain any evidence of her encounter in the form of a photo or video, presumably because she fled the scene rather than wait around to see what the creature would do next.

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