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Video: 'Captain America' Busted for Burglary in Mississippi

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By Tim Binnall

A Mississippi man inexplicably clad in a Captain America costume was busted for allegedly trying to break into somebody's shed. According to a local media report, the foiled caper occurred in the city of Clarksdale early Tuesday morning. According to authorities, David Hobbs set off an alarm at around 3 AM as he was attempting to get inside of a shed located behind a man's home.

Unfortunately for the faux superhero, he picked the wrong shed to target as it just so happened to belong to a man who was both a former marine and a retired corrections officer. Roused from his sleep by the racket outside, the homeowner grabbed his gun and became something of a crime fighter himself as he not only stopped Hobbs in his tracks and kept him on the property until cops arrived.

What makes this otherwise routine criminal matter quite bizarre is that Hobbs was decked out from head to toe in a Captain America costume. Compounding his confounding sartorial choice is that he was also apparently wearing a pair of fairy wings as well. Why, exactly, he donned the outfit is a maddening mystery that we can only hope somehow gets solved should the burglary charges against him wind up going to trial.


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