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Video: Colorado Cops Baffled by Mystery Booms

An outbreak of the infamous 'mystery boom' phenomenon is underway in a Colorado suburb and police say that they are as stumped by what could be causing the sounds.

Residents in the town Wheat Ridge who have heard the enigmatic noise report that it resembles an overhead firework, generally occurs during the morning hours on weekends, and has been happening in solitary bursts since July.

It would appear, however, that the source of the sound may be more than mere pyrotechnics as homes have been said to rattle from the commotion which has even cause car alarms to start.

The ongoing nature of the nuisance reached a fever pitch this week when police in Wheat Ridge posted a notice on their Facebook page acknowledging that they are aware of the issue.

However, the department concedes that they are uncertain as to the source of the booms and called on residents to report not only when they hear the sounds, but any suspicious activity that may be connected to them.

To that end, one concerned citizen advanced something of a conspiracy theory for the origin of the booms.

Talking to TV station KMGH, Jerry DiTullio pointed the finger at mischievous pranksters rather than something paranormal.

"I believe that they're actually following this on Facebook or next door and having a good time with it," he lamented, "at everyone else's expense."

Should he be correct about ne'er-do-wells being behind the booms, lets hope that heightened attention from law enforcement will scare them into silence.

Source: KMGH

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