Video: Commercial Crop Circles Created in Kansas and New York

By Tim Binnall

Putting a decidedly American spin on an icon of high strangeness, a pair of crop formations created at the behest of companies looking to promote their products recently popped up in both Kansas and New York. The first design was reportedly unveiled last Tuesday and spans a whopping 76 acres of a field in the Kansas city of McPherson. CBD brand Charlotte's Web was behind the elaborate artwork which extols the virtues of hemp and includes the company's slogan 'Trust The Earth.' Encompassing around three million square feet, the design was created by a single farmer who utilized GPS technology to mow the drawing into the field.

Meanwhile, as if by magic, another formation appeared in the New York village of Elba the following day. As with the Kansas design, this 'crop circle' was the work of a company, clothing brand Observe Gently, and consisted of their logo embossed into a field. According to a local media report, after initially letting the world wonder about the origins of the formation for a few days, the co-founder of the company stepped forward and revealed that they were behind the work. He went on to provide an enlightening explanation for how the piece, which measures 200 feet across, was made over the course of approximately ten hours "using math" and not any kind of GPS technology.

While both companies should be lauded for their creativity and willingness to provide a proverbial peek behind the curtain as to how these formations were fashioned, one can't help but wonder why the United States rarely sees the kind of mysterious designs that so often appear throughout Europe every crop circle season. To that end, a cursory search of the excellent Crop Circle Connector website indicates that the last 'genuine' formation found in America was back in 2015 when an odd design appeared in a field in Gray, Tennessee. Regardless of whether crop circles are paranormal or human-made, it is rather curious that they are so rare here in the United States. What's your theory for why there are so few American crop circles? Share you best guess with us at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

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