Video: Congressman Argues That If UFOs Are Real, They Are Likely Extraterrestrial

By Tim Binnall

During a recent conversation regarding the UFO phenomenon and government secrecy, a United States Congressman from Tennessee provocatively mused that, if they exist, the mysterious objects are likely extraterrestrial in nature. Interviewed by website TMZ on Tuesday, Representative Tim Burchett responded to indications that the forthcoming Pentagon UAP report will suggest that UFOs spotted by Navy pilots could have originated from Russia. "I think that's ridiculous," he declared, postulating that "if the Russians had UFO technology, they would own us right now." Having dismissed that possibility, the congressman went on to argue that the phenomenon "has to be something that's [from] out of this galaxy, just has to be, if in fact it is real."

Burchett also lamented about the lack of transparency from the government regarding the UFO phenomenon, noting that politicians "always say they're going to do something about it and then they get into office" and the only files that get released are redacted with "a big blob of Wite-Out. Clearly, something's going on that we can't handle." Indicating a belief in the idea that the phenomenon has been a part of human history since the beginning, the congressman observed that "UFOs are in the Bible. Read Ezekiel, it talks about the wheel flying around. They've been around since we've been around and somebody's gotta come up with answers."

Pressed for his thoughts on the possibility that the government will, sometime in the near future, tell the public that extraterrestrials exist, Burchett was highly skeptical of such a scenario. "I think Roswell was covered up," he surprisingly revealed, pointing to an Air Force report on the infamous alleged flying saucer crash in which the author of said study was "a smart aleck" who did not treat the subject seriously. That said, Burchett ultimately expressed optimism that the government will eventually release unredacted files on UFOs as well as information concerning the JFK assassination, but "we haven't had a president with enough guts to do it just yet."

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