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Video: Creepy Mystery Creatures Found in New Zealand Kitchen

By Tim Binnall

An odd piece of footage out of New Zealand allegedly shows some truly nightmarish mystery creatures allegedly found crawling around on a kitchen floor. The creepy discovery was reportedly revealed by an Auckland resident named Tim Clerke who claims that his mother spotted the weird bug-like beasties in her home. Curious as to what they may have been, the young man bravely picked some up in order to film them and posted the footage to Facebook.

In the video, four of the strange creatures, which seem to be almost furry or fuzzy, sit in the palm of Clerke's hand and one appears to still be alive as it twitches what we assume is its tail. As you can imagine, the footage sent shivers down the spines of the young man's friends on social media as no one could quite figure out what the oddities were, but the fact that they were extremely unnerving seemed to be beyond debate.

An attempt to get to the bottom of the mystery by a local media outlet proved to only further complicate matters as both the University of Sydney and the Australian Museum conceded that they were uncertain as to the nature of the creatures. Meanwhile, insect experts at Biosecurity New Zealand theorized that Clerke had found the detached legs of a moth that had presumably fallen victim to a cat or other household predator. Adding some additional intrigue to the video, the University of Auckland simply declared the video a hoax.

And another possibility put forward by an expert at the New Zealand Department of Conservation is that Clerke had encountered a rat-tailed maggot, which is a creature that found similar viral fame last summer when a horrified witness filmed the unnerving larvae in the United Kingdom. Do you have a theory for what was found on the kitchen floor of Clerke's mother's house? Let us know at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

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