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Video: Cruel Jewelry Store Prank Becomes Viral Sensation in China

By Tim Binnall

Proving that America isn't the only place where someone can earn online notoriety by filming their foolish antics, a bizarre new trend, known as the 'jewelry-stealing prank,' has taken Chinese social media by storm. The strange stunt reportedly involves someone visiting a jewelry store and asking to try on one of their more expensive pieces. The perpetrator of the prank then quickly dashes away from the counter as if they are planning to steal the item, before dropping the proverbial punch line when they stop short and just admire themselves in the mirror.

Although the stunt itself is admittedly rather amusing to see, one can't help but feel for the poor staff who wind up being hoodwinked by the would-be thieves. To that end, it's somewhat surprising that none of the clips in the collection above take a darker turn when the jewelry store workers suspect that they are about to be robbed. With that in mind, we cannot stress enough how bad an idea this would be here in America, where such stores are more apt to have armed security guards.

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