Video: Curious 'Crop Formation' Causes Commotion on Mexican Farm

By Tim Binnall

In an odd story out of Mexico, a series of strange 'formations' appeared in a farmer's field overnight and no one is certain as to what could have created them. According to a local media report, the weird case occurred in the community of Huejotzingo earlier on Monday when residents heard a mysterious sound emanating from the sky in the middle of the night. "Around one in the morning we heard a loud noise, like a plane passing by, that was how it was heard," recounted one witness, "but the sound stopped suddenly." Although they initially assumed that the sound was connected to a nearby airport, the tale took a puzzling turn the following day.

"We went to see if there were any signs of the strange noise," explained the witness, "and that was when we saw that the barley was all cut into parts." As can be seen in the video above, the crops had been badly damaged by some force that destroyed them in what appears to be a haphazard fashion. The incident raised concerns among residents, who attempted to enlist the authorities to look into the matter, but their effort proved futile as the owners of the farm wanted no part in any investigation as he feared having his property overrun by thrillseekers hoping to see what they might suspect was something alien in nature.

"We are not interested in curious people coming to see what happened here," the family that owns the farm said, "nothing has happened but a very strong gale and constant rain for more than three hours." While the family's claim that the incident was a natural occurrence is probably correct, based n the nature of the damage to the crops, their specific claim for what caused the incident was met with disbelief by residents, who noted that it did not rain on the night in question. Be that as it may, they would be wise to let the mystery go as the owner of the farm has announced that anyone who trespasses onto his property to look at the odd crop formation will be shot on sight!

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