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Video: 'Cursed' Rock Returned to Colorado Parks Department

By Tim Binnall

An individual who was gifted a rock that was stolen from a park in Colorado recently sent the object back to state officials in the hopes of shedding what they believe is a curse attached to the pilfered item. According to a local media report, the curious package was mailed to the Southeast Regional office of the Colorado Parks and Wildlife, who shared the odd tale on social media. Accompanying the small red rock in question was a short note which explained the person's plight.

"Someone brought this home to me three years ago. Bad things been happening ever since," they wrote, "sure one of you can find which park it belongs in." Considering that they had been in possession of the object for three years, one can only imagine the series of events which must have occurred to lead them to conclude that the stolen rock, of all things, was to blame. For their part, the Parks and Wildlife department reminded the public that "the best practice when visiting any park or wilderness is to take only photographs and leave only footprints."

While the letter-writer undoubtedly hopes that simply returning the rock will cancel out any curse that has befallen them, there remains something of a mystery as to which of the many different parks in Colorado it originated from. Fortunately, a Parks and Wildlife department employee observed that "the rock is red and appears soft like a sedimentary sandstone. Likely Fountain formation, like Redrocks amphitheater in west Denver." Based on her knowledge of the various locations encompassing the department's properties, she surmised that it was likely taken from Roxborough State Park. For the sake of the person who sent the rock back, we hope they're correct.

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