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Video: Cyclops Cow Born in India

By Tim Binnall

A calf born with one eye in the center of its head has taken a village in India by storm as some residents believe that the unique-looking animal could be a sign from God. The cycloptic creature, which also has no nose, was reportedly born in the Indian district of West Bengal. And, as is often the case with videos of one-eyed animals, a video of the wondrous cow has gone viral online.

According to the cow's owner, the unfortunate animal was rejected by its mother soon after being born, no doubt due to its condition. However, the apparently-unnamed creature has seen its luck turn around thanks to members of the community who have not only taken care of the animal, but have begun venerating the beast as a miraculous creation of God. Its owner explained that "the people think that worshipping the cow is going to bring luck and prosperity to the family of whoever worships it."

While it's open to interpretation as to whether or not the cow's deformity was the direct work of a divine being, scientists say that the condition is not altogether uncommon and is known as 'cyclopia,' for obvious reasons. In fact, it seems that the phenomenon of one-eyed animals emerging in various parts of the world and making headlines is almost an annual occurrence as cyclops goats in Malaysia, the Middle East, and India all popped up in the news over the last three years. Whether this latest cycloptic creature satisfies the cosmic quota for 2019 or if we'll see more of such animals remains to be seen.


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