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Video: Diver Spots Stingray Sporting Eerie 'Face'

By Tim Binnall

A diver swimming in the waters off the coast of Tonga could not believe his eyes when he spotted a stingray that appeared to sport a sinister face on its back. The remarkable scene was reportedly recorded around a reef near the island of Vava'u. As the unnamed diver was admiring the various sea creatures that populate the area, he was taken aback by one denizen of the deep in particular: a devilish-looking stingray.

The diver initially suspected that the sinister 'face' on the back of the creature was sand being used by the stingray to camouflage itself, which is a defensive behavior the animal is known to exhibit. However, upon closer inspection, he realized that the symmetry of the 'visage' indicated that it was a natural marking. A veritable Rorschach test roaming the waters of the Pacific Ocean, what do you see on the back of the stingray? Share your interpretation with us at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.


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