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Video: Diver Spots Strange USO in the Bermuda Triangle

By Tim Binnall

A diver scouring the ocean floor for lost shipwrecks around the Bermuda Triangle, of all places,stumbled upon something strange that left him wondering if it may have come from outer space. The unidentified submerged object was discovered by explorer Darrell Miklos during the filming of the Discovery channel series Cooper's Treasure. The popular program centers around the diver investigating underwater anomalies that had been found by the Apollo astronaut Gordon Cooper.

In this particular instance, Miklos was exploring an area around, appropriately enough, the Bermuda Triangle when he saw a peculiar object on the ocean floor. The odd USO was covered in coral, which would make it thousands of years old, seems to sport some kind of cylinder on the top of it and is massive. "'It was a formation unlike anything I've ever seen related to shipwreck material," he marveled to the Daily Mail, "it was also something that was completely different from anything that I've seen that was made by nature."

When he later looked at the maps provided to him by Gordon prior to his death, Miklos noticed that the late astronaut had simply called the oddity an 'unidentified object.' This was noteworthy because other sites in his files were specifically tied to shipwrecks and labeled as such. Although the explorer conceded that the USO could just be a natural formation with a weird shape, he mused that Gordon was well known for his believe in ETs and pondered if, perhaps, the anomaly could have been some kind of alien craft that had wound up in the ocean long ago and expressed hope that his team can return to the site for another dive.

While skeptics are certain to side with Miklos assessment that the USO might not from out of this world, UFO enthusiasts no doubt disagree and are likely well aware of the countless stories of unusual anomalies seen beneath the ocean surface that many believe to be ET craft. Coast Insiders can learn about some of these remarkable cases by checking out the 4/8/2018 edition of the program featuring researcher Preston Dennett. Not a Coast Insider yet? Sign up today.

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