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Video: Dozens of Dead Dolphins Wash Ashore in Argentina

A couple walking along a beach in Argentina stumbled upon a gruesome scene as dozens of dead dolphins had mysteriously washed ashore.

The unnamed pair were initially puzzling by what they perceived to be an inordinate amount of birds populating the sky over the beach in the city of Puerto Madryn.

The couple soon realized what had been drawing the animals' interest when they saw a jaw-dropping 61 dolphins had somehow wound up at the shoreline.

Fortunately, the aghast duo quickly contacted Argentine authorities, who dispatched a pair of marine biologists to handle what was called an 'unprecedented situation' by one scientist.

The fast response time allowed the experts to actually save 12 of the dolphins, meaning that an astounding 49 of the creatures did not survive the ordeal.

As to what may have caused the mass-stranding, the scientists were uncertain, but speculated that perhaps a pod of killer whales had driven the dolphins to shore.

Source: Express

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