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Video: Driver in North Carolina Films UFO

By Tim Binnall

A North Carolina man stuck in the traffic on the highway captured a puzzling video of what appears to be a strange object rotating in the sky. Aaron Bostic reportedly filmed the curious scene on the morning of October 25th during the rush hour commute. It would seem that the stop-and-go circumstances of the drive gave him time to gaze out the window and he noticed a "diamond-shaped object glowing really brightly."

According to Bostic, the oddity remained stationary in the sky for about two minutes and, during that time, he managed to film around thirty seconds of the UFO sighting with his cell phone. Although he initially thought it could have been a plane landing or perhaps even a blimp, the bewildered witness eventually conceded that "I don’t know what it was and nobody at work who has seen the video knows what it was."

While he insisted that "I’m not a believer that kind of stuff," Bostic mused that "we've had all this come out about UFOs and the military. You sort of have to question what you believe." As such, he later passed the video along to the son of a friend and asked him to post it to YouTube in an attempt to determine what the anomaly in the sky could have been. As one can imagine, the suggestions from viewers have run the gamut from a drone to an ET craft.

One noteworthy detail about the video which may help to solve the case is that there seem to be two anomalous objects in the footage: one in the sky and one in the treeline below it. Since both are rotating in a similar fashion, it stands to reason that they are connected with perhaps the higher elevation object being a reflection of the oddity below it. That said, what exactly the UFO may be is uncertain. Can you decipher the perplexing video? Share your theory at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

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